Area: 45 million km² / 17 million sq mi

Population: 4 billion

Asia is both the world’s largest continent and the world’s most populous continent. The landscape includes the frozen tundra in the north, the baking deserts of the Middle East, a vast coniferous forest, and the Himalayas - the world's largest mountains. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean (east), Indian Ocean (south) and the Arctic Ocean (North).

  • Asia covers 8.7% of the planet’s surface area and 30% of its land area.
  • It is home to 60% of the world’s population, comprising a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties and government systems.
  • Large areas of Asia are uninhabitable, but there are huge grassy plains and fertile valleys beside the Indus, Mekong and other large rivers.
  • In the southeast of Asia, there are thousands of volcanic islands, many of which are covered by tropical rainforests.
  • The highest point in Asia, and the planet, is Mount Everseat at 8,850 metres.
  • Despite its large size (5,200km wide), China only has one time zone. The time was set after the 1949 civil war.
  • The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze in China.
  • The combination of the populations of China and India represents 33% of the world’s population.
  • Japanese laws make it illegal for males and females over 40 years to have a waistline larger than 33.5in and 35.4in, respectively.

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