Area: 10 million km² / 4 million sq mi

Population: 743 million

Europe's landscape ranges from the frozen tundra and forests of the north to the hot, dry hills of the Mediterranean region. Vast fertile grasslands stretch between the mountains of the Alps in the west and Ural Mountains in the east, which separate Europe from Asia. Europe is a crowded continent with over 40 different countries.

  • Europe is the second smallest continent in terms of landmass but it has the third highest population.
  • It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean (north), the Atlantic Ocean (west), the Mediterranean Sea (south) and the Black Sea and its connect waterways (southeast).
  • The continent represents just 2% of the Earth’s surface and about 6.8% of its landmass area.
  • The largest country that lies wholly within Europe is the Ukraine while Vatican City is the smallest independent state.
  • For the past 20 years the population of Europe has been practically static with the birth and death rates remaining constant.
  • The highest point is El'brus, in the Caucasus Mountains of the Russian Federation and the longest river is the Volga, also in Russia.
  • The whole of Europe is only 2% larger than Canada.
  • The common currency that is used by many states in Europe, called Euro, was introduced in 2002.

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